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Get Cat Odor Out Of House

Get Cat Odor Out Of House with P.O.R.S.

 P.O.R.S. can Get Cat Odor Out Of Houses before or after closing escrow. Depending on your preference but we highly suggests a Pet Odor Inspection before buying or selling.  Our odor removal process come with a guarantee that cat urine odor will not return! Our technicians use tried and proven remediation methods to eliminate cat urine odor without enzymes, ozone, or deodorizers!

We have a straight forward approach to get cat odor out of houses.

1. Find the odor source.

2. Evaluate surface & structural odor permeation.

3. Determine the best odor remediation method to fit client needs and budget.

4. Remove urine odor Permanently!

Severe cat urine odor that smells like ammonia is no match for the Pet Odor Removal Service! Removing urine odor from houses used as cat rescues, pet day care or hoarding is not unusual for our crew! We’ve seen homes destroyed by a single family cat and a several homes that have been in the news or cited by the City for having 100’s of cats!

Providing service get cat odor out of house

To get cat odor out of houses a Pet Odor Inspection is Step 1.

To get cat odor out of houses, a Pet Odor Inspection is the crucial first step. This valuable service is perfect for new home buyers or sellers. We show you the extent of the damages and itemize the cost to eliminate the cat urine smell. Our Pet Odor Inspection helps sellers avoid disclosure issues when marketing their home and assists buyers in placing an offer based on the inspection results.

Before attempting to get cat urine out of houses, we use a UV-black light and other tools to find and identify urine stains and moisture. This crucial service is why other odor removal services and products fail at eliminating cat urine odor – without knowing the exact location & ability to detect subsurfaces damage eliminating urine odor will be impossible!

Our technicians are not only experts in finding hidden cat urine damage but we specialize in removing cat urine odor from subfloor, concrete, drywall, and wall studs. We welcome the challenge of getting cat odor out of houses and removing severe cat urine from hard surfaces. Our process involves meticulous surface preparation before applying our odor encapsulator, ensuring that all treated surfaces are clean, sanded, dried, and free of any dust, paint, or moisture.

Cat Urine Removal After closing Escrow

We remove Cat urine removal from a home that reeks of feline odors, P.O.R.S. Cat Urine Removal service is the ideal solution. At P.O.R.S., we take a scientific approach to tackle the root cause of the odor. Our team first identifies areas with residual moisture caused by urine. Once the affected areas are pinpointed, we deploy high-efficiency drying techniques to completely dry out the structure. This step is critical and the number one reason the odor never leaves.

After drying, we thoroughly remove any lingering urine crystals or residue, leaving a clean and odor-free surface. This phase ensures that our sealing process will be effective in locking in any remaining odors.

In the sealing process, we use a specialized non-toxic sealant that creates a barrier to prevent any residual odors from escaping. This sealant also protects the structure from future incidents, giving you peace of mind.

P.O.R.S. Cat Urine Removal service is a comprehensive solution for homes with pervasive cat urine odors. We understand that this is not just a surface issue but a structural problem that requires a technical solution.

5 Reasons To Hire A P.O.R.S. To Remove Cat Odor from your house.

1: we eliminate cat urine odor in flopped Remodeled Homes with Severe Odor Problems

Did you recently purchase a remodeled home, only to find that there is a severe odor problem throughout the house? Don’t panic! Our Pet Odor Removal Service specializes in getting cat urine odor out of homes. We understand how frustrating it can be to discover that your new home has an unpleasant smell, and we’re here to help you get rid of it permanently. We use a tried and proven method to locate and eliminate cat urine odor, so you can enjoy your new home odor-free!

Cat Urine Removal Service To Eliminate Cat Urine Odor In Remodeled Home.
Cat Urine Removal
2: For Clients Considering the Purchase of a Home with Severe Urine Damage

Are you considering buying a distressed home with obvious severe urine damage? You may be hesitant, wondering if the ammoniated urine odor can actually be eliminated permanently. Our experts at Pet Odor Removal Service are here to assure you that even the most severe cat urine odor can be removed from the entire house. We offer a Pet Odor Inspection service to help you make an informed decision on the property. With our expertise, you can feel confident that the odor will be gone for good, allowing you to transform your new purchase into your dream home.

Odor Removal Service

3: For Clients Who Have Inherited a Home with Cat Urine Odor

Inheriting a home can be an emotional experience, especially when the home has a cat urine odor throughout. At Pet Odor Removal Service, we understand how important it is to transform the inherited property into a comfortable and welcoming space. Our skilled technicians will work with you to eliminate the cat urine odor, ensuring that your inherited home becomes a place you can cherish and enjoy.

4: For Clients Facing Eviction, City Citation, or HOA Violation Due to Urine Odor

If you’re facing eviction, a city citation, or an HOA violation due to a urine odor disturbing your neighbors in condos or townhouses, it’s essential to address the problem quickly and effectively. Our Pet Odor Removal Service specializes in eliminating cat urine odor from all types of residences. We work efficiently to resolve the issue and ensure your living situation remains undisturbed by odor complaints.

5: For Clients Selling a Home with Severe Urine Damage

Selling a home with severe urine damage can be challenging. At Pet Odor Removal Service, we offer solutions for homeowners looking to make repairs before putting their house on the market. Our skilled technicians will eliminate the cat urine odor, allowing you to present a fresh and clean home to potential buyers.

3. Frequently asked questions about Homes that smell like cat urine.

Q: How can you avoid buying a home that smells like cat urine in a remodeled home? A: Pay attention to the smell of strong fragrances, doors and windows wide open, ask to do a walk-through on another day with the house closed and the heater turned on to 80 degrees or higher, and ask if there was any pet damage in the home before it was remodeled.

Q: If the home we want to buy needs to be completely gutted, won’t that eliminate most of the cat urine odor in the house? A: No, severe urine odor can permeate various surfaces and materials. Wet urine can soak deep into concrete, subfloors, and wall studs. The odor can also passively permeate into drywall, attic, and wall cavity.

Q: We inherited a home with severe urine odor all over the home, and we do not have enough money to repair it. What should we do? A: Purchase the Pet Odor Inspection service. This will give you an idea of the cost for odor remediation and help you figure out the cost to rebuild. With these numbers, you can ask for a fair price

In addition to treating subfloors and concrete, we can eliminate urine odor from tile grout, hardwood floors, sub-floor, natural stone tiles, and clay pavers.

For an immediate response, please call us at 877-386-3677 or email jody@petodorremovalservice.com.

Please call us at 877-386-3677 for immediate response or you can email jody@petodorremovalservice.com
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