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Since 2001, we have an impressive 100 percent success rate for ridding homes of pet urine odor. During this time, we’ve

Thank you for visiting the Pet Odor Removal Service Website! We remove pet odor from houses as well as sub-floors & concrete! We look forward to providing you with our highly recommended pet odor inspection for a potential home purchase. If you are selling home or about to close escrow on a house in need of pet odor remediation; we hope you see the benefit of our home inspections. For those that have recently discovered a serious odor problem feel free to give us a call at 877-386-3677 for a free phone quote to remove pet odor from houses.

Did you know an estimated 164 million people in the United States own pets? Americans certainly love their furry friends. Unfortunately, pets often contaminate homes with foul odors. Have you recently purchased a house with a disgusting cat pee smell or a putrid dog urine smell ? We will completely eliminate the smell of dog or cat urine odor from your house leaving it smelling like to new construction.

Since 2001, we have an impressive 100 percent success rate for ridding homes of pet urine odor. During this time, we’ve:

• Eliminated urine and fecal odor from houses cited by municipalities for nuisance odors caused by dogs, cats, rodents & humans.
• Helped tenants prevent being evicted from their homes
• Helped tenants living in upscale homes recover balances of significant security deposits


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