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Subfloor Odor Sealer Service

Plywood Subfloor Odor Sealer Service Odor Sealer Service by P.O.R.S.

P.O.R.S. provides subfloor odor sealer service to remove cat urine subfloor odor. We help clients who are replacing the existing carpet with new carpet. Swapping the old carpet out for new laminate, vinyl or hardwood floors. What ever the case its a good idea to get the subfloor sealed before that new flooring goes in!


We will provide a forensic UV Black light inspection to find Invisible, hidden or previously treated areas that still stink! We will email an estimate with a line by line cost to remove dog or cat urine odor from subfloor. Based on our findings we will give you a estimated time to rid your home of urine odor.

Our Subfloor Odor Sealer Service will remove all surface contaminants, paint, primer & over spray. We will also remove any subfloor odor sealer products from the plywood that failed. Once surface prep to the sub-floor or concrete is complete apply the Odor Encapsulator sub-floor sealer.

Removing Cat Urine From Concrete Subfloor

If your house reeks with cat urine in subfloor or You need a Structural & Subfloor Odor Sealer Service? Our Team will provide a Pet Odor Inspection before making any attempts to remediate the odor problem.

Effective Strategies for Removing Cat Urine Odor from Plywood Subfloors

Eliminating cat urine odor from plywood floors can be very difficult if its not what you do on a daily basis. Our team at P.O.R.S. is prepared with the knowledge and experience to remove urine odor for good! Regardless of whether the urine damage is located in to a specific corner or has causing your entire home to stink.

Our initial step starts with a in depth Home Pet Odor Inspection Service to locate the source and total extent of the damage. Identifying the root of cat urine odor can often be a complex task. We provide inspections cases where sellers failed to disclose the presence of pet odors. Our forensic pet odor inspections can find urine stains concealed on freshly painted walls. When we see new floor covering flooring there’s a chance the subfloor is soaked with pet urine.

subfloor pre-seal prep

Getting severe cat urine out of subfloor’s is not a simple DIY Project.

Many homes we visit have already been cleaned and treated by individuals who are experts in cleaning. As you may have realized by now to remove cat urine from subfloors requires a special expert.

If you’ve recently bought a home and discovered urine odors, you may not have the time or patience to experiment with DIY solutions, products, or follow the advice from online videos that claim to get rid of cat urine smells.

Sanding Subfloor damaged by pet urine

One significant challenge homeowners face is realizing the severity of urine damage beneath the carpet and finding a way to eliminate the persistent odor from subfloors and concrete. Due to the porous nature of carpets, liquid from pet urine can quickly permeate through to the carpet backing, padding, and eventually the sub-floor.

Expertise in Removing Urine from Subfloors:

At P.O.R.S., we have a long history of success getting urine out of subfloors. Our team has developed a deep understanding of destroying severe urine odor. Not just on subfloors, but on other areas as well including drywall, sill plates, insulation, wall studs, and floor joists. There are instances where parts or even the entirety of the subfloor may need to be removed to thoroughly clean the underlying substrate affected by urine.

In some cases, certain framing members may have to be carefully treated and all moisture from urine thoroughly dried out. This process requires patience, as it is crucial to execute each step meticulously to ensure the complete removal of the odor. Failure to do so can result in lingering smells that undermine the overall comfort and cleanliness of your home.

Subfloor Odor Sealer Service dry out services


With our expertise and specialized equipment, we are well equipped to locate and eliminate 100% of urine odor. Once our Odor Encapsulator Sealer is applied, we stand behind our work with a 5-year guarantee. This guarantee is a testament to our confidence in our process and commitment to your satisfaction.

Preparation is the foundation of our service, constituting 80% of our overall work. We uphold the highest standards in our workmanship and product selection, aiming for exceptional results right from the first attempt. Based in Los Angeles, our services span across Northern & Southern California, and we have successfully completed large-scale projects in New York, Michigan, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, and Las Vegas. When it comes to removing urine from subfloors, you can rely on P.O.R.S. for a job well done.

Subfloor Odor Sealer Service for concrete

Complete Cat Urine Subfloor Removal:

Sometimes, a subfloor is fully soaked with urine. So much so that we have to remove it. This is a significant undertaking. It is especially needed when floors are warped. Or when baseboards swell due to cat pee. These are signs of serious urine damage. In such instances, we propose subfloor removal. It’s a large job, but crucial. We need access to the wet, urine-soaked framing members. This allows us to eradicate the odor entirely. It ensures your home is clean and fresh once more.Complete Cat Urine Subfloor Removal


  1. What is the P.O.R.S. Subfloor Odor Sealer Service?

P.O.R.S. Subfloor Odor Sealer Service is a professional odor removal service for homes. We specialize in removing all surface contaminants and unpleasant odors from subfloors before new flooring is installed. We guarantee 100% odor removal after treatment, sealing off any remaining odors and ensuring no detectable amount of pet urine or other unpleasant scents remain in your home.

  1. What types of odors can the P.O.R.S. remove?

Our service is designed to remove a wide range of odors, with a special focus on pet urine odors. We have a proven track record of successfully removing even the most persistent cat urine smells from subfloors and concrete. We also remove odors embedded in interior subfloor, drywall, floor joists, and wall studs.

  1. How do you ensure the complete cat urine subfloor odor removal?

Our comprehensive process involves a thorough prep of your subfloor or concrete, removing any existing paint, primer, or inferior odor sealing products. Once prepped, we apply one or two coats of our proprietary Odor Encapsulator sub-floor sealer. We also conduct a forensic UV black light inspection to identify any hidden or previously treated areas that might still emit odors.

  1. What is the Pet Odor Inspection Service?

Our Pet Odor Inspection Service is a comprehensive inspection that identifies the sources and severity of pet odors in your home. This service is an important first step in our odor remediation process. Our team will provide a detailed estimate for the cost of odor removal based on our findings, and schedule a date for remediation.

  1. Can I remove subfloor odors by myself?

While it is possible to tackle minor odor issues using home remedies or commercial products, we strongly discourage DIY methods for severe urine damage. Our professional service ensures thorough removal of odors, using professional-grade tools and products. Without professional intervention, you may not completely remove the odors, leading to persistent problems.



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