Urine Odor Detection Service

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Odor Detection Service 10 reasons to call one before you close escrow!

Odor Detection Service Illuminating Cat Urine On Drywall
Odor Detection Service In Los Angeles County.

10. The house has a strong smell of fragrance or deodorizers.

The smell of fragrances in a home is not the first reason to call an Odor Detection Service. The strong smell of deodorizers should definitely alert you to investigate the odor source or covered up. Fragrances often used to cover normal cooking odors or bathroom odors in homes. You don’t always need a Odor Detection Service if you are diligent about sniffing out odors. Some odors have easily explained reasons why there is a strong smell of deodorizers being used.

Odor detection is not easy find with deodorizers all over the home
These deodorizers were found buy client after closing escrow.

Always ask about any odor you smell that is a concern to you whether its a pleasant or offending odor. Make sure the answer you get is logical and can be verified by the seller or agent. If not then hire Odor Detection Service.

There are Different types of Odor Detection Services that specialize in finding odors from different sources. Our service specializes in Pet Urine Odor Damage.

Other companies have specialties in Sewer Odor Detection, Mold & Mildew Odor Detection, Pest Odor Detection, Radon, Formaldehyde & Chemical odors.

9. There are several pets living in the home.

Just because there are pets living in the home doesn’t always mean there is going to pet urine damage. Odor Detection Service can help Buyers, Landlords & Tenants with questions or disputes regarding possible pet urine or odor damage. We use a high output UV Black-light, Moister Sensor and other tools to find urine stains and odor damage.

Urine Odor Investigations can help confirm or exclude the presence of cat & dog urine damage in a home. We will document our findings, capture images if possible & check for subsurface moisture. You will get a report detailing or excluding suspected pet damage. We will send you an itemized estimate detailing the cost to remediate pet urine damages found during the odor detection service.

Odor Detection Service Excludes Any Cat Urine Stains On Walls In This House.
Los Angeles County Odor Detection Service Excludes Any Cat Urine Stains On Walls In This House.

8. During a property walk thru someone other than you smells urine odor.

Not everyone has the same sense of smell, if you’re on walk-through and someone detects urine odor trust their nose. Plan to do your own odor investigation on a different day with the same person plus one additional person. Before you come back make sure you ask the seller to remove all artificial fragrance producing products. Request interior doors and windows to be closed and schedule odor investigation at the hottest part of the day. You should also inform the seller of the concerning odor before calling a Odor Detection Service.

7. House has a very subtle smell of urine odor.

Not all homes have an obvious smell of urine odors or pet damage in the home. When you smell urine ask the seller if there are any known pet urine stains in the home. Never hesitate to ask the seller about any odor issue that is a concern to you. It doesn’t always require an Odor Detection Service to find the odor if the Seller is upfront with you. It’s when they say… “what odor?” or “we don’t smell anything” that’s when you need to hire a Odor Detection Service.

6. The Seller tells you there was pet damage in the home but repaired.

When the Seller had carpet cleaned because of urine odor that’s a very good reason to call a Odor Detection Service. Seller puts in the disclosure documents there is or was pet urine damage in the home. That’s another Sign to call a Odor Detection Service

Odor Detection Shows Baking Soda Under New Carpet
Odor Detection In San Diego Shows Baking Soda Under Newly Installed Carpet.

5. House smells like fresh baked cookies or popcorn.

This is an old school technique realtors use to throw prospective buyers off the smell of offending odors. We have seen Popcorn machines set up in open houses is another strategy used to take your nose off possible urine damage.

4. During open house all the windows and doors are open.

All houses have their own distinct odor when closed up for a while. It’s not unusual for people have the doors and windows open. Make sure you do more than one walk through of the home you plan on buying if possible. As a Odor Detection Service we get a lot of feedback we get from clients. We hear stories about the doors & open during walk-through so they didn’t really notice any urine odors.

3. There is urine odor in a home that has new carpet & flooring

Do you smell urine odor in a home with recently installed new carpet? Well its safe to assume the odor is coming from the subfloor or concrete. It is not uncommon during the Odor Investigation to find new carpet installed over urine stained subfloors. We often find baking soda, oil based primers, pigmented shellac, and other products applied to the subfloor.

Urine Odor Investigation In Home Finds Urine Stains Untreated Urine Damage Under New Carpet.

2. When Whole house smells like cat urine but it has been remodeled.

This mistake happens to a lot of young couples who find their first home and it looks brand spanking new! New Carpet, Flooring, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Windows are all newly installed. But there is a lingering odor that smells like cat urine. This should not go unchecked and your realtor should recommend you seek a Odor Detection Service.

1. Visible urine damage & the whole house smells like cat urine.

The most obvious reason to hire a Odor Detection Service as soon as your initial offer is accepted! So many of our clients make the drastic mistake of underestimating the severity of pet damage. Faulty advice from friends, contractors and realtors who have absolutely no professional expertise in Odor Remediation.

Calling An Odor Detection Service After Closing Escrow Is This Investment Disaster In The Making Home Had Over K Urine Damage.
Odor Detection Found Wet Urine In Door Jambs, Subfloor, Drywall, Wall Studs & Cabinets

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