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Dog Urine Odor Removal

Dog Urine Odor Removal Service

P.O.R.S. has an impressive record as a dog urine odor removal service. We consider all unique challenges presented by dog urine, especially the damage it causes in homes. Dogs, mainly due to their larger size, usually leave more urine than cats. This urine can soak deep into porous surfaces, like concrete and subfloors, creating strong, lasting smells.

Dog urine odor removal service

Moreover, behavioral tendencies, particularly in male dogs, can exacerbate the problem. Male dogs frequently mark their territory in homes by lifting their legs. They typically target areas like door jambs, furniture legs, and wall corners. These areas can often go unnoticed, leading to hidden damage that exacerbates the urine odor problem.

While cat urine is typically more concentrated and has a stronger initial odor, the larger volume and widespread marking behavior of dogs can result in a more widespread and persistent odor issue. If left untreated, these odors can become entrenched and significantly more difficult to remove.

You need a dog urine odor removal service not a carpet cleaner.

Dog urine problems are most commonly found on carpets. When urine stains become so severe that routine carpet cleaning isn’t enough or the carpet is heavily saturated with urine, removal is your best option. Before installing new flooring on concrete or subfloors, ensure you inspect the carpet backing or subfloor visually. Many people assume replacing the carpet will solve their odor problem, but that isn’t always true. If you already have a high level of urine odor in your home, be proactive and remove the urine odor before the new flooring company installs flooring.


How does dog urine get into subfloors?

When pet owners who have on going urine problems with their pets instead calling a pet odor removal service they will usually find a remedy online or Youtube. What happens next is Pet urine works its way into subfloors this usually happens due to improper cleaning or over-wetting by occupants trying to neutralize the smell with enzyme products, vinegar, deodorizers, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. The problem is, no two situations are alike, and many variables factor into the success of odor removal. Sometimes, it’s an ongoing issue related to too many pets and not enough litter boxes. In severe cases, we’ve seen houses where dog urine has seeped from the second floor into the ceiling below. Situations like these call for our specialized structural odor remediation service.

Dog urine soaked into ceiling.
Subfloor removed showing dog urine in ceiling.


We offer dog urine odor removal & Dog body odor removal.

Dog body odor and dog urine odor are two different problems. Body odor can be transferred to walls by dogs rubbing against them. Sometimes, the dog’s body odor can be stronger than the smell of urine odor! If you’ve tried professional cleaning services and the odor persists, you may have to consider replacing the carpet, sealing the subfloor, and removing odor from the walls. If the odor is trapped inside the wall cavity, we recommend ozone, hydroxyl generator, or similar services before resorting to removing the drywall to treat the studs.

Strong smell of dog odor in house for sale?

If you detect any amount of odor, be it dog body odor, dog urine odor, or if the home is masked with numerous candles or fragrances, consider having a pet odor inspection before purchasing. Our inspection service ensures you’re aware of the full extent of pet odor problems before you make a significant investment. Trust P.O.R.S. to help you reclaim your fresh, clean home.

Dog urine stains seen under uv black light


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