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Odor Removal Vs Odor Control: Choosing Professional Solutions for Severe Cases”

Odor Removal & Odor Control Services are not the same especially when it comes to permanent removal of unwanted odors in your home or workspace, you often find a slew of online tips and over-the-counter products promising to erase them. However, sometimes, you’re dealing with situations that call for more than a spritz of air freshener or a bit of baking soda. Cases involving moderate to severe odor contamination may necessitate professional intervention. This post aims to guide you through these peculiar circumstances and offer insights on when and how to engage with expert odor removal services like P.O.R.S.

Odor Removal by P.O.R.S.
Odor Removal by P.O.R.S.

Identifying Competent Odor Removal Services

Before hiring an odor removal service, you must ensure they possess the requisite knowledge and tools. Enquire about their methods and specific experience in handling odor challenges similar to yours. Importantly, ask if they provide guarantees. A competent service provider should provide assurance of the effectiveness of their work.

New Home Buyers, Sellers & Odor Removal

Buying or selling a house can unveil a host of unexpected challenges, one of which is persistent odors. While home inspectors do a comprehensive job of ensuring structural integrity and functionality, odor detection isn’t part of their primary assessment since it isn’t a mechanical problem. This is where a professional odor inspection comes into play. They can identify and locate the source of the odor, providing you an estimate for odor removal services before finalizing a deal.

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Workers in Homes

Healthcare workers visiting homes with numerous pets or patients suffering from incontinence might face unhealthy or unpleasant working conditions. Urine, both pet and human, can decompose into harmful gases like ammonia and methane, affecting both the healthcare workers and the patient’s health. People with respiratory conditions or allergies may find these conditions unbearable. Hence, professional odor removal becomes crucial in these environments.

Effects Of Odor Control Products”: A Cautionary Tale

Odor control products, particularly enzyme-based cleaners, promise to mitigate odor problems. However, they can inadvertently contribute to additional structural damage when used continuously over an extended period. The scenario unfolds like this: when a carpet is wet from urine, the padding underneath also absorbs this moisture.

Repeated application of enzyme treatments and continual urination on the same spot can lead to prolonged dampness, which gradually permeates the subfloor, baseboards, drywall, wall studs, cabinetry, and flooring. This can cause unseen decay, leading to structural damage over time. It also allows the pungent odor to become deeply ingrained, making it harder to remove.

Therefore, while these products may provide a short-term solution to mask odors, they do not address the root of the issue and can even exacerbate it. Persistent and severe odor issues often need a more comprehensive and professional approach for complete odor removal.

The Difference Between Odor Control and Odor Removal

The landscape of odor control and odor removal services is vast, with numerous companies offering varying degrees of effectiveness. Many firms provide “odor control,” utilizing methods like enzyme treatments, deodorizers, and disinfectants. These techniques might only mask the odor temporarily, and often they do not offer a service guarantee. On the other hand, “odor removal” delves deeper, involving the identification and total eradication of the odor source.

At P.O.R.S., we go beyond just odor removal. Our commitment includes offering a robust five-year guarantee to our clients, made possible through our distinctive Odor Encapsulator Sealer. This innovative solution seals off the odor source effectively, ensuring lasting freshness and cleanliness in your space.

When you’re seeking the best odor removal service, it’s crucial to ask if they offer a guarantee. Any company confident in its service will not hesitate to back its work with a guarantee. Essentially, this is where they have to put their money where their mouth is. If a company can’t provide a guarantee, don’t settle. Keep searching until you find a service provider, like P.O.R.S., that will stand behind their work, assuring you of a fresher and healthier environment for years to come.

P.O.R.S.: Pioneers in Comprehensive Odor Removal Services

Before we undertake any odor elimination project, a comprehensive pet odor inspection is always our first course of action at P.O.R.S. This process ensures you’re fully aware of the extent of the odor damage, its locations, and our strategic plan to eliminate it.

In fact, this service, known as a Pet Odor Inspection, is specifically designed us for home buyers, sellers, and realtors. It provides detailed insights into potential odor issues, arming them with essential information before finalizing any property transaction.

With P.O.R.S., you are assured of a thorough approach to odor removal. Our belief is to tackle the problem at its root. Our comprehensive “odor removal service” emphasizes complete odor eradication, and our scope of service is wide-ranging. We cater to spaces such as houses, garages, basements, attics, crawlspaces, patios, decks or hardwood floors. The sources of odors we handle are diverse, encompassing pets, rodents, humans, or even exotic animals.

No matter the severity or scale of your odor problem – from a single room’s intense urine damage to extensive contamination across a sprawling estate – we’re equipped and ready to handle the challenge. Our commitment is unwavering: to completely eradicate the offensive odors and restore freshness to your space, making it seem as if the odor issue never existed.

At P.O.R.S., we believe you deserve a clean, fresh-smelling environment to call home

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of odors can P.O.R.S. handle?

We handle a wide variety of odors from different sources – dog urine, cat urine, rodents rodent droppings, human urine, or even exotic animal urine or feces. No matter the severity or scale of your odor problem, we’re equipped and ready to handle it.

2. What is the difference between odor control and odor removal?

Odor control usually involves applying treatments, deodorizers, and disinfectants to mask the odor temporarily, while odor removal focuses on identifying and completely eliminating the source of the odor.

3. What is the P.O.R.S. process for odor removal?

Our process begins with a comprehensive pet odor inspection to determine the extent and location of the odor damage. We then develop a strategic plan for complete odor elimination, which may involve our unique Odor Encapsulator Sealer.

4. Does P.O.R.S. offer a service guarantee?

Yes, we offer a robust five-year guarantee to our clients when using our Odor Encapsulator Sealer. We stand behind our work, assuring you of a fresher and healthier environment for years to come.

5. How does P.O.R.S. handle severe cases of odor?

We tackle every case with a detailed and systematic approach. From a single room’s severe urine damage to extensive contamination across a large estate, our team is trained and ready to face the challenge.

6. What is a Pet Odor Inspection, and why is it important?

A Pet Odor Inspection is designed to inform home buyers, sellers, and realtors about potential odor issues before finalizing a property transaction. This process ensures you’re fully aware of the extent of the odor damage, its locations, and our proposed plan to eliminate it.

7. Where does P.O.R.S. provide services?

P.O.R.S. is a semi-national service provider given our unique service offerings. While we are based in Los Angeles… San Diego is part of our local Service area, We provide odor removal service to Southern California, Central California , and Northern California. We have also provided services in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Saint Louis, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York.

Given our highly mobile team, we welcome clients no matter their location. The severity of the odor problem is also not a constraint for us. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering – we don’t leave until the odor is completely eliminated, 100%. We are here to help, wherever you are.