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Old Carpet Removal Service, Los Angeles: P.O.R.S.

Old Carpet Removal Service

Choose P.O.R.S., your Los Angels Old Carpet Removal Service , we cover all of Los Angeles Metro. Our specialty is odor removal, which is a valuable service for home owners who are preparing to have new carpet installed. Our clients have experienced instances where Home Improvement store reps, refused to measure for new carpets due to the strong odor in the home coming from the stained old carpet. It’s a understandable precaution, given the potential health risks and unpleasant working conditions.
P.O.R.S. Old Carpet Removal Service
Our role is to help you with this process, by removing the stinky old carpet and prepare the concrete or subfloor. A odor free surface enables carpet professionals to comfortably proceed with their tasks. Our clients find our services to be beneficial, we help them in make a smooth transition from old to new flooring and haul the old carpet to a carpet recycling center.
Our ultimate aim is to support home owners and carpet professionals by handling the challenging task of ensuring a clean, odor free slate to install new carpeting.
Removing Cat Urine & Feces Stained Carpet From Concrete
P.O.R.S., the preferred old carpet removal service in Los Angeles, provides highly valuable services because urine or feces can cause severe odor damage that may penetrate your subfloors or concrete slab. This damage often becomes noticeable only after the carpet has been taken out.
P.O.R.S. Concrete Cleaned After Removing Carpet

Not The Typical Carpet Removal Service

Our services at P.O.R.S. are not confined to standard old rug removal. We effectively deal with difficult tasks like removing glued down carpets from garages and patios, responsibly hauling away old carpet and padding to nearest land fill or recycling centers, and ensuring thorough adhesive removal from concrete.
P.O.R.S. Service includes hauling old carpet to nearest landfill or recycling centers
But our uniqueness lies in going a step further. We pride ourselves on our primary expertise in Odor Remediation. After removing the old carpet, our team evaluates the subfloor or concrete for residual odors, a crucial step to prevent these smells from affecting your new carpet or diffusing throughout your home in warmer temperatures.

We Remove Carpet Contaminated with Urine & Feces When No One Else Will

Our specialized services include identifying hidden pet urine stains often overlooked by conventional old rug removal services. Armed with forensic tools, our trained technicians effectively locate these invisible problems, ensuring a thorough cleaning and deodorizing process, readying your home for new flooring.
P.O.R.S. Hauling Away Carpet

Old Carpet Removal Cost

At P.O.R.S., we offer competitive rates to remove old carpet in Los Angeles, ranging between $0.50 and $3.50 per sq ft. Pricing is influenced by factors such as the type of carpet, whether it’s classified as hazardous waste, and the property’s condition.
Carpet Removal Serice
Hazardous old carpets might need our workers to wear protective clothing, and houses with all the furniture need more attention compared to empty ones. Very difficult situations, such as when people hoard things, require extra care. But don’t worry, we have all the tools and equipment we need to handle these challenges.
Los Angeles Laminate removal & Concrete Prep
The price we charge takes into account things like how big the area is, how hard it is to remove the dirt, and how much urine and poop there is on the old carpet. Our workers will give you an estimate to get rid of any bad smells, making sure your home smells nice and clean, and you can start over with a fresh feeling.
P.O.R.S. Odor Encapsulator

Services Across Southern California

Our old carpet removal service and odor remediation services are not limited to Los Angeles. We proudly serve a wide area across Southern California, including:

  • Kern County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Imperial County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Diego County
  • Ventura County
  • Santa Barbara County
  • San Luis Obispo County

No matter your location within these counties, we’re ready to provide the rug removal and subfloor odor removal, tackling the most challenging situations with professionalism and efficiency.
Los Angeles Old Carpet Removal & Disposal

FAQ’s P.O.R.S. Service in Los Angeles

  1. What is P.O.R.S. and what makes it unique?

    P.O.R.S. is a specialized Odor Removal service based in Los Angeles that also provides carpet & flooring removal. We step in to remove problematic and odorous carpets when other professionals defer their services due to the intense odors. Our service assists both homeowners and carpet professionals by creating a clean, odor-free environment conducive for new carpet installations.
    P.O.R.S. Los Angele vinyl floor removal

  2. Why is the odor removal service important?

    The importance of our service is underscored by the severe odor damage that urine or feces can cause, penetrating as far as subfloors or concrete slabs. This damage may remain unnoticed, hidden beneath the surface. It typically becomes evident only when you undertake tasks like carpet removal. In such cases, P.O.R.S. should be your first choice to ensure a comprehensive odor remediation.
    P.O.R.S. vinyl floor removal & Adhesive removal on hardwood floor.

  3. do you remove glue down carpet?

    P.O.R.S. goes beyond just removing wall to wall carpet we tackling tough jobs like taking off glued carpets from garages and patios. We also handle adhesive removal and take care of hauling away the old carpet and pad. But our real specialty is Odor Remediation. After removing the old carpet, we inspect your subfloor or concrete for any issues. We also offer additional services to prevent any lingering odors from infiltrating your new carpet or permeating throughout your house.
    P.O.R.S. Sanding Hardwood floors before applying odor encapsulator.

  4. Our technicians are odor specialist?

    Most junk removal services offer carpet removal services but have no intention on treatment of odor. Our skilled technicians are odor removal experts. They come equipped with forensic tools designed to locate these otherwise invisible issues. With P.O.R.S., you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.
     Sanding Hardwood floors before applying odor encapsulator. Floors dry, cleaned and ready to seal.

  5. How much does carpet removal cost with P.O.R.S.?

    The cost of our carpet removal services ranges from 50 cents to $3.50 per square foot. The expenses for carpet cleaning are influenced by factors such as the type of carpet and the property’s condition. Thus, the overall cost can vary significantly. Additionally, the presence of urine and feces significantly affects these expenses. Additionally, if the waste on the carpet is classified as hazardous, this can also impact the price. Some situations might be more complicated, but we promise to carefully remove any odors and make sure everything is clean.
    Hardwood Floors Sealed with Odor Encapsulator.

    Where does P.O.R.S. provide its services?

    P.O.R.S. serves Southern California, Los Angels, San Bernardino, Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura & Santa Barbara. For Central California we service San Luis Obispo & Kern County, we deliver excellent service wherever you are.

  6. What if I live in the Bay area?

    We gladly accept Bay area jobs, even though we’re in Southern California. We can combine wall to wall carpet removal if we have a current job or upcoming job nearby. For odor removal, we’ll schedule you soon.

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