Finding Cat Urine In House

Finding Cat Urine In House Near Vacaville| P.O.R.S

We encountered a remarkable case involving a house near Vacaville, CA, where over 150 rescue cats had made their home. To address the Buyer’s primary concern, concerning personal health issues caused by cat allergies and the elevated levels of ammonia resulting from cat urine, we prioritized taking proactive measures. Our goal was to effectively resolve these concerns by conducting a thorough inspection and developing a comprehensive plan. Consequently, we aimed to permanently eliminate the cat urine odor and restore the home’s livability.

Vacaville Pet Odor Removal Service Finding Cat Urine In House

Assessing the Extent of Cat Urine Damage

Despite the house having new carpet, vinyl floors, and a fresh coat of paint, strategically applied to mask or minimize existing cat urine odor, our objective was to reveal the full extent of both known and unknown cat urine damage within the home. Our aim was to provide the Buyer with a comprehensive estimate to permanently eliminate the cat urine odor damage.

Discovering Pervasive Cat Urine Presence: A Startling Revelation

Through a thorough Pet Odor Inspection using a UV-Light, we made a startling discovery – cat urine had been sprayed in every corner of the house, garage, and basement. Furthermore, urine stains and spray were evident in every room, nearly covering every wall. This included the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, guest unit, basement, crawl space, and 3 car garage.

Unveiling Surprising Affected Areas

During our investigation, we found urine stains at the heights of 7 feet, suggesting cats had climbed on furniture and boxes. This discovery revealed the extent of cat urine damage in the property. Furthermore, we detected cat urine in floor registers, air ducts, floors, cement, as well as within the drywall.

Swift Action and Successful Odor Elimination

Upon being entrusted with the task, Our 6-man road crew to tackled this formidable challenge head-on. We diligently worked to eliminate all traces of cat urine odor from the house, basement, crawl space, and garage. Our efforts were successful in ensuring a fresh and odor free living environment for the buyer.