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Pet odor inspection will determine the cost to remove pet odor from houses before closing escrow or settling disclosure issues.

Our Pet Odor Inspection is a valuable service for home buyers because it places a dollar amount on the on the damage. help home buyers who:

• Notice an obvious smell of pet urine odor
• See pet urine stains on flooring and walls
• Detect a faint pet urine smell in a house with new flooring and freshly painted walls

• Did Seller disclose pet urine in house on Page 2 Section E of Seller Property Questionnaire?

With our pet urine home inspection, you can confidently purchase your new place. You’ll know any suspicious pet urine odor has been identified. Therefore, you can address the resulting costs of repairs with the seller before closing on your dream home.

We Can Remove Pet Odor From Houses

If you’re looking for a service to remove pet odor from your house you have reached the right place! The Pet Odor Removal Service is a specialized service to remove severe dog & cat urine odor from houses. We’re often mistaken for Carpet Cleaning Services but we actually provide Flooring & Carpet Removal Services for obvious reasons.

Our professional odor removal services are typically needed to remove stubborn pet odor from houses that have strong to severe urine damage. Usually our clients already have already removed the flooring and started cleaning but did not get the desired results. Once the flooring or carpet removal service is complete we check for additional urine damage in:

Wall studs
Floor joist

After Flooring & Carpet Removal Service has been Completed; Our Crew will Prepare the your Subfloor or Concrete as needed.

Preparing the urine soaked surfaces of your home for odor our removal treatment will usually start with carpet removal, unless of course; the carpet or flooring has not already been removed:

• Sanding subfloor or hardwood floor.
• Grinding concrete
• Carpet Removal Service & disposal.
• Removing urine soaked drywall & odorous insulation

With nearly 30 years experience we’ve perfected our technique to eliminate pet odor from houses permanently! We’ve combined skills from various trades outside of the carpet cleaning industry including:

• Water damage restoration & mold remediation service
• Sewage clean-up & decontamination services
• Hoarder content removal & odor elimination services

• REO & Bank Foreclosure Cleaning, Trash-outs, Vandalism

We Can Remove Cat Odor From Houses in 24 Hrs After Treatment

These actions have helped us develop an odor elimination service that produces results no other service can match. We prefer to consider our Company as a “structural urine odor removal service” we no longer offer carpet cleaning services, instead; we offer carpet removal services. What sets us apart from the competition is “we remove pet odor from houses on a daily basis because we provide odor remediation services only. We do not use any of the conventional methods such as; enzymes, ozone, deodorizers and other products sold online that will not produce the results needed to guaranty a odor free condition in your home.

Most of our clients seeking pet odor removal are:

• Home buyers
• Home sellers
• House flippers
• Contractors
• Landlords
• Tenants
• Pet lovers in our local service area

A whopping 98 percent of the work we complete is directly related to damage caused by dog urine or cat urine. The remaining two percent of the jobs we do deal with damage resulting from humans or rodents.

We Provide Odor Removal Service in Northern & Southern California

Our headquarters and local service area is in beautiful Southern California. However, due to our excellent reputation for successfully removing pet urine odor, we regularly provide service to Northern California and Central California residents too. Our crew members are well equipped and ready to travel too as we have provided service outside our local service are for large severe pet urine odor jobs as far as NY, MI, NJ, TX & NV.

What do Pet Odor Inspections Include? We never attempt to remove odor from houses until its been inspected!

For some people, buying as well as selling a home can be one of the most exciting, rewarding, and memorable experiences of their lives. However, buying or selling a place containing cat pee smell or a dog urine smell can be extremely risky. In fact, this decision can be as risky as buying a home filled with termites flying around. Our thorough pet odor inspection includes:

• An initial walk-thru inspection
• A black-light inspection
• Pet urine detection
• Pet odor detection
• Structural urine odor & moisture damage assessment

Inspection Includes an Itemized Estimate with a Summary of Our Findings and Our Recommendations to Produce an Odor Free Home:

• An itemized estimate which will include Carpet removal, Disposal & pet urine odor removal
• A summary report listing urine damage as well as our recommendations to produce a 100% odor free environment.

Our Pet Odor inspections are specifically for finding pet urine odor as well as excluding it! Our ability to completely remove pet odor from houses results from our urine detection and pet odor inspections. We highly believe pet urine odor inspections will soon be a standard practice for the real estate industry:

• Realtors marketing distressed homes

• Buyers going into Escrow

• Sellers considering a price adjustment or credit to potential Buyers

• Tenants involved in disputes with landlords

• Contractors that need an expert Odor Removal Service

If you would like more information about our odor removal services. Have a need for same day carpet removal, cat odor removal or would like to schedule a pet odor inspection give us a call at 877-386-3677. We can also provide you with a free quote over the phone. You can also contact us at jody@petodorremovalservice.com.

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