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Tile Floor Urine Removal

Tile Floor Urine Removal

At P.O.R.S, we actively serve Northern and Southern California with our Expert Tile Floor Urine Removal Service. Our dedicated team specializes in bringing back the beauty and freshness of your tile floors, effectively treating all types of tiles no matter the severity of the urine odor. We understand tiles deeply and act on it.

We’ve got you covered, whether your flooring is ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tile, or Mexican or Spanish Clay Pavers. We utilize proven techniques and advanced treatments to not only eliminate the unpleasant odors but also restore your tiles to their original glory.

Tile Floor Urine Removal
Tile Floor Urine Removal

24-72 Hour Soak Treatment

Our Tile Floor Urine Removal soak treatment method has been proven highly effective for ceramic, porcelain, concrete, clay and natural stone tiles. Firstly, we drench your tile flooring with a powerful oxidizer, which penetrates deeply to combat urine traces. This soaking process can last anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending on how serious the urine damage is. Ultimately, our focus on allowing enough dwell time ensures complete odor removal from hard surfaces and grout.Following this, we proceed with a comprehensive cleaning and rinsing of your tile and grout. Grout sealing can also be provided as an additional service if necessary.

Tile Urine Soak Treatment
Tile Urine Soak Treatment

Urine Odor Removal for Clay Tiles – Spanish & Mexican Pavers

Our treatment approach for clay tiles, specifically Spanish & Mexican pavers, varies.Primarily, it hinges on the condition of your tiles and whether they’re sealed or not. In cases where tiles are sealed or the sealer has worn off, we advise using our Tile Floor Urine Removal soak treatment. However, for unsealed tiles, our professionals recommend cleaning with a dry solvent followed by sealing with our Odor Encapsulator.

Removing Urine From Clay Pavers
Removing Urine From Clay Pavers

For Concrete Tile & High Density Stones

Concrete tiles and high-density stones like granite can undergo our 24-hour soak treatment. We actively wipe out the most stubborn odors, leaving your floors refreshingly clean and spotless.

Removing Urine From Cement Tile
Removing Urine From Cement Tile

For Porous Stone or Unsealed Stone

In the case of porous or unsealed stone, we typically suggest using our Odor Encapsulator treatment. This approach ensures the best results while also preserving your tiles.

When tile or stone flooring suffers severe damage and we suspect urine odor has seeped into the subfloor or concrete, we recommend removing the flooring. This allows us to treat the subfloor or concrete directly.

We also extend our expertise to sealing brick patios, porches, and fireplace bricks (excluding firebox), enhancing their longevity while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.


Q1: How long does it take to remove urine from tile?
Typically, the time required for the odor removal process varies significantly, primarily depending on the severity of the odor and the type of tile flooring. In general, it can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for soak treatments.
Q2: How do I know if my tile floor needs a soak treatment or an odor encapsulator treatment?
Have you tried numerous products with no success? Does your tile floor reek of ammonia? You're likely a perfect fit for our service. Our expert team will inspect your floor and suggest the best treatment plan.
Q3: Can I remain in my home during the treatment to reove the urine odor from tile?
If the room we are treating can be isolated and sealed off with a containment barrier then yes. During the treatment process, it is best to keep the area clear to ensure effective and safe treatment. Our team will provide specific guidance based on the treatment chosen.
Q4: What should I do if urine has saturated my tiles or pavers or penetrated the subfloor?
In severe cases, we may recommend removing the tile flooring to treat the subfloor or concrete underneath. This helps in completely eliminating the urine odor from your home.
At P.O.R.S, we appreciate that every tile floor is unique. Therefore, we tailor our services to achieve optimal results. You can count on our expertise to rejuvenate your home and eliminate any unwelcome odors from your tile floors.







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