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Odor Encapsulator Sealer For Concrete & Subfloor Urine Odor Removal

Odor Encapsulator Sealer By P.O.R.S.

Odor Encapsulator Sealer eliminates odor so well you would not believe there was even a pet in the building! Our involvement in various industries like carpet cleaning, water damage, and mold remediation led us to confront the recurring problem of severe urine odor. Since 1989, we’ve been dealing with pet urine, initially during our carpet cleaning phase. However, in 2000, we pivoted our business to focus solely on pet odor removal.

Get Cat Urine out of houses inspection photo.
Inspection photo of cat urine in house.

The Evolution of Odor Encapsulation

Our Sealer is special – it doesn’t just cover up smells, it traps them. It eliminates even the strongest cat urine odors. The strength of the sealer comes from its advanced formula. It’s made to work on various hard surfaces like plywood, concrete, drywall, wood, plaster, pavers, and tile floors.

Odor Encapsulator Sealer
Odor Encapsulator Sealer

Unbeatable Odor Encapsulator

Indeed, our commitment to total odor elimination extends beyond just our product. We place great emphasis on careful preparation and correct application, which are crucial to the effectiveness of the Odor Encapsulator Sealer. Moreover, we ensure that only our trained professionals handle this product. As a result, we can confidently provide our 5-year, 100% odor-free guarantee.

Sanding Subfloor
Sanding Subfloor

The P.O.R.S. 5-Year Guarantee

Indeed, we stand firmly behind our product, and as such, we offer a 5-year, 100% odor-free guarantee upon completion of services that include the Odor Encapsulator Sealer. Our assurance, furthermore, is based on the product’s stellar performance over two decades and our unwavering confidence in the meticulous application process by our trained professionals.

Odor Encapsulator Sealer
Odor Encapsulator Sealer

With the P.O.R.S., you can look forward to welcoming your contractor or flooring installer to an odor-free and clean dwelling. Your home will be ready to reclaim, fresh and renewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What surfaces do you treat with Odor Encapsulator Sealer? Is is designed for hard surfaces such as wood, concrete, drywall, plaster, pavers, and tile floors.
  2. How long does it take to apply? The application time varies depending on the size of the room, house, extent of the urine odor, and any wet urine found in the dwelling. Small jobs can take 1-2 days, while larger jobs can take 1-2 weeks.
  3. What does the 5-year guarantee cover? Our 5-year guarantee assures that any surface treated with Odor Encapsulator Sealer, based on recommendations provided by the field estimator who conducted the Pet Odor Inspection, will remain 100% odor-free.
  4. How does it work? The Odor Encapsulator Sealer encapsulates and neutralizes the odor, unlike other products that mask the smell with fragrances. In just 24 hours after the final application, we will have eliminated the smell of cat or dog urine odor.
  5. Can I buy the Odor Encapsulator Sealer for personal use?

    In fact, P.O.R.S. does not sell the Odor Encapsulator Sealer to the public. Instead, this product is exclusively used by our trained and experienced technicians to guarantee its proper application and effectiveness. As a result, this approach allows us to consistently deliver the best possible results to our customers and firmly uphold our 5-year, 100% odor-free guarantee.




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