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Los Angeles Carpet Removal Service

Los Angeles Carpet Removal Service by P.O.R.S.

#1 LOS ANGELES CARPET REMOVAL SERVICE with a specialty of removing carpet that reeks with the smell of urine or feces from animals or humans! We do more than remove carpet Home Depot, Lowes or Empire carpet installers refuse to remove because it is unsightly or smelly! P.O.R.S  Los Angeles carpet removal service should be the your first call when you’re removing carpet because of severe odor damage that may have permeated into the subfloors or concrete slab.

Consider this…. Not all Carpet Removal Services in Los Angeles are the same we actually service all of Southern CA. Our technicians can forensically find invisible as well as hidden cat and dog urine stains! Obvious urine damage to carpet can be hiding severe urine damage to subfloor or concrete not realized until after carpet removal.  Structural Odor Removal can seem to be a no brainer especially for D-I-Y individuals and overly optimistic new home buyers! But do you really want to waste valuable time experimenting with mediocre products, methods or services that don’t guaranty 100% Odor Removal?

We’re no ordinary Carpet Removal Service in Los Angeles.

First of all Carpet Removal is just the basic starting point of our services our specialty is getting rid of pet urine odor! Since so many Carpet Stores and Installers won’t touch old carpet saturated with urine we have decided to offer carpet removal as a stand alone service. We will remove the smelly old carpet, treat subfloor, concrete, drywall and leave your home smelling like new construction.


Los Angeles Carpet Removal Cost

Carpet removal cost can range $0.50-3.50 per Sq, Ft. depending on the size of the carpeted area, difficulty to remove or amount of urine & fecal waste.

Here are a few things that set our carpet removal services apart from other carpet removal companies:

• Our carpet removal technicians are trained to identify urine stains and odors as the carpet is being removed. We’ll quote you a price to eradicate any pet urine odor found in your home.

• Carpet removal cost includes: removal of carpet, padding, tack strips, and staples from plywood or hardwood floor. Load debris to truck and haul to nearest carpet recycle facilities or appropriate landfill.

• Our skilled technicians carry forensic UV-Black lights in order to identify invisible pet urine stains on your carpet, drywall, and baseboards.

• We utilize electronic tools to measure moisture in sub-floors, concrete and drywall to find the extent of damages caused by pet urine.

• As we remove the old carpet, we use the carpet backing as a road map to find additional pet urine stains & damage!

• If you hire us for carpet removal, we will inform you of areas in need of odor remediation.

• We will vacuum the subfloor or concrete with a high quality HEPA filter. This helps to prevent unwanted dust or pet dander from spreading throughout your home.

Additional services we offer after Carpet Removal:

• Steam and extraction to help remove pet urine odor or pet dander from your sub-floor or concrete.

• Pressure washing and extraction for concrete only

• Sub-floor prep that includes sanding your sub-floor down to bare wood

• “Odor encapsulation” sub-floor and concrete sealer to permanently remove pet urine odor from any surface we treat

A common mistake people make after removing carpet is installing the new carpet on the same day! Allow yourself time to eliminate pet urine odor found in the sub-floor before installing new carpet.  If any odor is detected our service manager can give you an exact cost to successfully remove all detectable odor.

When Removing Carpet, Pad & Tack Strips The Subfloor Is Inspected For Possible Urine Damage.

Cat Pee Smell

If the carpet you want to have removed is damp from cat urine or constant cleaning; its  probably safe to assume the cat pee has probably soaked into your sub-floor or concrete.

Cat Spray

It is very important to check vertical surfaces near flooring to confirm or exclude cat spraying activity, use a UV Blacklight to check:

• Walls

• Doors

• Baseboards

• Furniture

Cat spray damage to carpet is most often found around the perimeter walls however most of the times the damage is caused from excessive or improper cleaning that spreads the damage into the carpet, pad, tack strips, and sub-floor or concrete.

Dog Odor

Musty dog body odor can pungent enough to overpower the smell of cat as well as dog urine odor. Strong ammoniated pet urine odors in the carpet can permeate into the walls. Carpet removal may be top priority but after removal you may realize it’s just the beginning.

Removing Carpet Because Of Pet Dander?

Our technicians provide cross contamination prevention services for clients susceptible to dander whenever a need decontamination services. Upon request we offer an option to cut and bag the carpet before carrying to truck. This will help reduce cross contamination of dander or mites from one room or another. We thoroughly clean sub-floor using HEPA filter equipped vacuums in minimize airborne dust and dander particulates . We also offer detailed interior wall and surface cleaning to remove pet dander in homes from ceiling to floor. Specialty jobs requiring either high heat or steam our truck-mounted steam cleaning system is available.







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