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Hardwood Floor Odor Removal

Hardwood Floor Odor Removal Service

P.O.R.S. Hardwood Floor Odor Removal your professional solution to remediate urine damaged on your hardwood floor! We specialize in eliminating offensive Dog Urine & Cat Urine odors and restoring the natural beauty of your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Odor Removal
Hardwood Floor Odor Removal

Light to Moderate Urine Odor

At P.O.R.S., we understand how pet odors can infiltrate and ruin your beautiful hardwood floors. Our comprehensive Hardwood Floor Odor Removal Service addresses these issues in a professional and efficient manner. Our experts have the necessary skills and equipment to scuff, clean, and seal your hardwood floors lightly if they’re in good condition. We use an advanced odor encapsulator sealer, designed to seal the odors in, effectively combating the unpleasant smell.

Hardwood Floor Odor Removal prep
Hardwood Floor Odor Removal

Moderate Urine Odor

In more severe cases, when the flooring has a significant amount of urine odor, we may need to resort to sanding. The depth of sanding depends on the condition of the flooring and the extent of the odor. Severely damaged or older hardwood floors may require sanding down to bare wood, followed by a drying process, and then sealed with our odor encapsulator.

Hardwood Floor Urine Removal
Hardwood Floor Urine Removal

Severe Hardwood Floor Odor Removal

If the odor has permeated deeply into the subfloor, making remediation impossible, we will have to remove the hardwood floor to address deeper problems, such as joist and sill plate damages. Regardless of the extent of damage, our Pet Odor Inspection will discover it and provide you with an itemized estimate to completely remove the odor.

Hardwood Floor Removal
Hardwood Floor Removal


  1. What type of odor sealer do you use for hardwood floors?

We use a specialized odor barrier sealer we call Odor Encapsulator that resists acid, salt, and moisture. It also has a vapor barrier and effectively stops odors 24 hours after application.

  1. Can you remove stains as well as odors?

Yes, our Hardwood Floor Odor Removal service can address dark stains left by pet urine, restoring your hardwood floor to its original state.

  1. Can all hardwood floors be restored?

While we strive to restore every hardwood floor, the extent of damage might sometimes require the floor to be replaced, especially when the odor has permeated deeply into the subfloor.

  1. How long does the odor removal process take?

The process depends on the condition of your hardwood floor and the extent of the odor. Our experts will provide an estimate once the inspection is completed.

  1. Can your services remove cat and dog odors?

Yes, our pet odor removal specialists have expertise in removing both cat urine and dog urine odors.

At P.O.R.S., we’re committed to helping you maintain beautiful, odor-free hardwood floors. Contact us today to schedule a Hardwood Floor Odor Removal service, and let our professionals restore the beauty and comfort of your home.






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