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    Butte County Cat Pee Odor Remover Service!

    If you need a professional cat pee odor remover service for severe urine odor damage in Butte County Call The Pet Odor Removal Service! We proudly offer odor remediation service for the following cities:

    When your house smells like cat urine the Butte Pet Odor Removal Service should be the first call you make! If not we can pick up where other products and services failed and remove all remaining pet urine odor! We remove severe pet urine odor from houses, garages & pet businesses on a regular basis! We remove old carpet & flooring prep the concrete or subfloors and encapsulate the surfaces to permanently remove any detectable smell of pet odor.

    Los Angeles Pet Odor Removal Service
    Butte Pet Odor Removal Service removing 17 Years of dog urine!

    Pet Odor Inspection Service in Butte

    We Provide Pet Odor Inspection Service in Butte County and surrounding areas. The Pet Odor Inspection is for Home Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Property Managers & Tenants. This Service is a valuable tool for disclosure issues and pet deposits & tenant disputes. The purpose of the pet odor inspection is to detect evidence of pet urine damage, provide a summary report of our findings and a itemized estimate to remove the odor.

    Cat Spray Stains Illuminated Under UV Black light
    Cat Spray Stains Illuminating Under A UV Black Light

    Carpet Removal Service in Butte

    As part of our pet odor removal service we provide Carpet Removal Service in Butte as well as flooring removal. We also offer carpet removal as a stand alone service In the Greater Butte Metro Area. If your carpet installer will not remove the carpet because it reeks with pet urine odor call us! There is no job to stinky for us to treat our technicians have seen it all!

    Carpet Removal Service Truck Load In San Diego, CA
    Carpet Removal Service Crew in Butte Removing a load of Stinky Carpet.

    Cat Odor Removal Service in Butte

    We provide Severe Cat Urine Odor Removal Service in Butte for homes used as cat rescues, hoarding or the family pets have gone wild! We also treat urine damage from dogs, rodents as well as human urine. Our approach to remove urine odor is different we do not use enzymes, deodorizers, ozone machines or youtube gimmicks! When we finish the job the smell of urine odor is completely gone! We leave no lingering perfumes masking residual urine odor that will come back in a week or a month later! We guaranty upon completion of the job the odor will be gone 100% and it will not return!

    Carpet Removal Service In Los Angeles California
    Carpet Removal Service In Butte

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    Carpet Removal Service For Homes That Smell Like Pet Urine! Need a CARPET REMOVA

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    Butte Pet Odor Inspection

    Pet Odor Inspection And Urine Detection Knowledgeable Realtor’s recommend

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    Carpet Removal Service For Homes That Smell Like Pet Urine!

    Need a CARPET REMOVAL SERVICE to remove carpet that reeks with the smell of urine odor? Did your carpet installer request you remove the carpet and clean the subfloor before they install the new flooring?

    Consider this…. Not all Carpet Removal Service is the same. Our technicians have the knowledge and the experience necessary to find & eliminate cat and dog urine odors in your home. We can get rid of the most severe cat pee odor in your subfloor or concrete after carpet removal. Don’t waste valuable time experimenting with mediocre products and methods that could cause more damage or poor results?

    We’re no ordinary Carpet Removal Service our specialty is Odor Removal!

    Carpet removal is just the basic starting point of our services! Some Carpet Stores and Installers won’t touch carpet saturated with urine. We will remove the smelly carpet, treat subfloor, concrete, drywall and leave your home smelling like new construction. Here are a few things that set our carpet removal services apart from other carpet removal companies:

    • Our carpet removal technicians will identify urine stains and odors as your carpet is being removed. We’ll quote you a price to eradicate any pet urine odor from your home if found.

    • Carpet removal cost includes: removal of carpet, padding, tack strips, and staples from plywood or hardwood floor. Load debris to truck and haul to nearest carpet recycle facilities or appropriate landfill.

    • Our skilled technicians carry forensic UV-Black lights in order to identify invisible pet urine stains on your carpet, drywall, and baseboards.

    • We also utilize electronic tools to measure moisture in your sub-floors or concrete and drywall caused by pet urine.

    • When we take out your carpet, we pay close attention to the carpet backing. It’s like a urine road map!

    • If you hire us for carpet removal, we will inform you of areas in need of odor remediation.

    • We will vacuum the subfloor or concrete with a high quality HEPA filter. This helps to prevent unwanted dust or pet dander from spreading throughout your home.

    Additional services we offer after Carpet Removal:

    • Steam and extraction to help remove pet urine odor or pet dander from your sub-floor or concrete.

    • Pressure washing and extraction for concrete only

    • Sub-floor prep that includes sanding your sub-floor down to bare wood

    • “Odor encapsulation” sub-floor and concrete sealer to permanently remove pet urine odor from any surface we treat

    A common mistake people make after removing carpet is installing the new carpet on the same day! Allow yourself time to eliminate any pet urine odor found in the sub-floor or concrete first. If any odor is detected our service manager can give you an exact cost to successfully remove all detectable odor.

    When Removing Carpet, Pad & Tack Strips The Subfloor Is Inspected For Possible Urine Damage.

    Cat Pee Smell

    If the carpet you want to have removed is damp from cat urine or constant cleaning; its probably safe to assume the cat pee has probably soaked into your sub-floor or concrete.

    Cat Spray

    Before dripping down into your carpet, cat spray usually lands on a vertical surface such as:

    • Walls

    • Doors

    • Baseboards

    • Furniture

    Cat spray damage to carpet takes place around the perimeter walls and soaks into the carpet, pad, tack strips, and sub-floor or concrete.

    Dog Odor

    Musty dog body odor can be pungent enough to overpower the smell of cat and dog urine odor. When strong urine & ammonia odors are present in house for a long time the odorous gasses can permeate into the walls. Knowing Carpet removal is top priority you may have already come to the conclusion it’s just the beginning.

    Removing Carpet Because Of Pet Dander?

    Our technicians provide cross contamination prevention services for clients susceptible to dander or need decontamination services. If requested we will cut and bag the carpet before carrying to the truck so cross contamination minimized. We will thoroughly clean sub-floor using vacuums equipped with HEPA filters to help remove dust and dander particulates . We offer detailed interior wall and surface cleaning to remove pet dander in homes from ceiling to floor. For some jobs our truck-mounted steam cleaning system is available for wet cleaning and extraction.

    Cat Urine Smells Involving Entire House

    We remove carpet no matter how soaked with cat or dog urine, however this is only the first step to eliminate the smell of urine odor. Inspecting the sub-floor, baseboards and other surface areas for additional urine damage should carefully looked at.





    Butte Pet Odor Inspection

    Pet Odor Inspection And Urine Detection

    Knowledgeable Realtor’s recommend a pet odor inspection service for properties with obvious urine damage. Pet odor detection service is ideal for remodeled homes that have suspicious odors. Problems causing a whole house to smell like cat urine should prompt you to call an expert. Under estimating the extent of urine damages and the cost to get rid of pet is common. New home buyers often rely on advice from Friends & Realtors instead of searching for an expert opinion. Nearly 1/3 of inquiries we get regarding pet odor inspections come from new home buyers who have either closed or nearly closed escrow. To achieve the best value with a Pet Odor Inspection have to done at the beginning of escrow!

    During the pet odor inspection service we use a variety of tools to inspect homes for urine damage. Pet Odor Inspection Technicians use UV black lights for detecting cat urine on walls and flooring. We employ a hydrometer to detect moisture in sub-floor, drywall, baseboards and concrete. Home buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants can use our pet odor inspections to negotiate terms as well as possibly help in settling disputes or disclosure issues.

    A Lender may require a Home inspections & Termite inspections to secure your loan, but a Pet Odor Inspection is not! Most home inspectors may not even mention the smell of pet urine odor in their report. It is your responsibility to find out why the house stinks not the Home Inspector or your Realtor. If the Seller or Agent masks or hides the odor without disclosing an odor problem then that is another issue!

    To Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell in House: A Pet Odor Inspection or Odor Detection is a Must!

    Locating specific areas for pet odors is quite troublesome for renters and for homeowners. However, before you purchase a house that smells like cat urine it would be wise to consult an odor expert. Home inspectors who specialize in urine detection may be able to save a home buyer a lot of time, frustration and money.

    Whether you are buying or selling a home, the decision to get a pet odor inspection is a prudent idea. Avoid getting sucked into the idea of trying to get rid of cat pee smell in houses with detergents, bleach, carpet deodorizers and other cleaning agents. You can end up getting into legal issues for concealing known pet urine damage and not disclosing it to the buyer. We are often called to gather evidence for clients who have purchased homes that have had new flooring installed and repainted as well as complete remodels that have been gutted and rebuilt!

    Early urine detection and treatment for pet odors is helpful for both home buyers and for home sellers. Home buyer’s might not discover cat pee smell in house until after closing escrow. The Buyer does not want to incur any more out of pocket expenses then they already have especially for hidden or undisclosed cat urine! When the whole house smells like urine knowing the cost to remmediate can help with pricing the home for a quick sale. It can also help you to market the home to buyers that are not afraid to enter a home that reeks with cat urine odor.

    Home sellers should always disclose the presence of pet odors. Home buyers should always check closing document for pet odor disclosure. Having a pet odor service inspection is a valuable service for buyers and for sellers.

    We Use a UV Black Light to Find Cat Urine

    Using a black light to detect urine stains on walls and carpeting leads us to check for invisible damages. We also use an electronic hydrometer to locate moisture damage on drywall, sub-floors, carpet, tile and concrete.

    We provide high-quality odor removal services. Using a checklist for urine detection, our pet odor inspection experts inspect all dwelling surfaces. Notes are taken of the findings in each room for the summary report & itemized estimate.

    Finding cat urine stains with the UV Black light is one thing but Knowing how to get rid of it permanently is our Specialty!

    Hiring a Pet Odor Inspection Company

    We offer the most thorough pet odor inspection services available. With nearly 30 years experience of removing dog and cat urine odor from houses. We have seen and provided complete odor remediation for some of the most severe cases imaginable! Our technicians will find or exclude the presence of pet urine odor based on our UV-Black light inspection, Wet Urine Detection as well as our remediation experience.

    Never Close Escrow on a house that stinks Without Getting a Pet Odor Inspection.

    We provide our clients with an itemized estimate that includes our findings from the pet odor inspection. Our inspection also includes our recommendations to eliminate the odor 100% and make photo’s available as needed. Pet odor Inspections benefit buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, property management, realtors and investors.