Pet Urine Detection Home Inspection

Updated August 03, 2018 | Jody Slaughter

 Pet Urine Detection Not Included In Home Inspection!

Is Pet Urine Detection Included In A Home Inspection? No! Some home inspectors won’t even even mention it in their report because it has nothing to do with the mechanical function of the home. As a matter of fact most realtors have never heard of a Pet Urine Detection Service. We get more calls from potential buyers doing their own research than referrals from realtors!

We provide pet urine detection services for homes that have obvious & severe pet urine damage to flooring and walls and homes that have been completely remodeled and have no visible urine damage but still smells like cat urine.

Some potential buyers just want to be reassured there are no urine stains in the home before moving in with their own pets or small children for sanitary and health reasons.  Sometimes people with allergies to pets see a litter box and suspect urine could be somewhere in the home.

We Provide Pet Urine Detection Home Inspection Service & Odor Remediation

Pet Urine Detection is the Scope of our Home Inspections We do not perform “General Home Inspections”. Our Pet Odor Inspections are Specific to finding Urine Stains, Moisture & Odor Caused by Cats, Dogs & Rodents as well as Humans. After the inspection is complete we write an Itemized Estimate including a summary of findings and cost to Re-mediate the Odor Problem! We also Provide Odor Remediation Services.

10 Things Our Clients say about the Home Inspection/Inspector.

1. The Home Inspector didn’t verbally mention anything about the smelling pet odor in the home nor include it in the report.

2. Home Inspection Report didn’t say anything about all the pet stains on the carpet or flooring.

Buyer buys a house knowing it reeks!

3. Buyer wished the Home Inspector had said something about the odor either verbally or at least wrote in the report. Especially since you could smell it all over the home it was just so obvious!

Some Buyers Assume Pet Urine Detection Is Included In Home Inspections

4. Home Buyer assumed Pet Urine Detection is part of a Home Inspector’s service because of the obvious stench and unsightly urine damage. 

5. The Home Inspector told the Buyer to pressure wash the concrete, bleach the sub-floor and apply a few coats of Kilz or B.I.N.S Shellac to remove the urine odor but the odor did not go away.

Experienced Home Inspectors & Realtors recommend a PET URINE DETECTION SERVICE

6. A few clients stated that after the Home Inspection was complete the Inspector told them the urine odor was pretty bad. He also said there could be urine in the subfloor and they should find a remediation service or pet urine detection service.

7. Client asked the Home Inspector if he knew someone who gets rid of pet odor and advised to search the internet. They knew the home had pet odor damage and understood the inspector’s job as they had purchased homes before. First time buying a home with urine odor damage.

8. One Client smelled the odor but didn’t mention it before or during the Home inspection to see if the Home Inspector would notice the odor.

Some people just have a poor sense of smell.

9. Several people have called who admitted having a poor sense of smell and couldn’t smell a thing; family members pointed out the odor, their Realtor owns a bunch of cats and didn’t notice any odor but assumed the home inspector would have smelled it.

10. Absentee Client… was not present at the home during the Home inspection to ask the home inspector about the odor.

Home Inspectors nose could be worth big bucks to a client.

It might be a good practice as a home inspector to inform a potential home buyer of noticeable odors or ask them if they smell anything out of the ordinary? You could be doing them a big favor by letting them know you detect an offensive odor. Advise them to bring in an independent nose or hire a pet urine detection  service.

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